Pick it Up: The Power Of Boot Camp Fitness

From reality fitness shows to the social media profiles of celebrities, boot camp style fitness workouts are having a moment. Participants are seen grinding through tough workouts under the direction of ultra-high-energy coaches.

But can boot camp fitness really help the average person? What about those who may be feeling a little out of shape and very new to the fitness world? Quite simply, the answer is yes.

With the right planning, boot camp fitness is a good choice for nearly everyone, especially those looking to lose a few pounds. For a quick run-down on the power of boot camp fitness in improving physical “shape,” check out this simple guide.


A Positive Network

Never underestimate the power of a positive network! The group class set-up of boot camp classes makes them perfect for those new to fitness. With a collaborative class structure, you can be sure that you will be welcomed, even if it has been years since you’ve stepped inside a gym environment.

Best of all, research has shown that the community atmosphere of boot camp work outs improves feelings of support, dedication, and commitment, all key factors when making the choice to get fit.


Targeting The Whole You

While boot camp workouts are by their nature HARD, you can be sure that you’ll never get bored. For those who may be new to fitness or new to working out in general, the inherent variety available in a boot camp class is important.

As shown in this helpful primer on the origins and basic design of the boot camp style class, the average boot camp session targets nearly every part of your body. Cardio and strength building movements for almost all muscle groups are included.

To maximize results quickly, what better way to than to target both muscle groups and cardio fitness!


Alterations Are King

With good reason, a major concern in fitness classes for those who may be “out of shape” is general feasibility. Though the popular conception of boot camp classes involves harsh instructors and merciless workouts, their true nature is a little more complex.

As documented in this “first-hand account” of a typical boot camp class, most movements and drills can be altered to suit specific limitations. As the writer of the piece recalls, a pregnant class attendee could complete the day’s workout with the proper accommodations!


A Boot Camp Expert Can Work With You

The most important thing to consider when searching for the right boot camp class is finding a qualified instructor. A properly trained boot camp coach will be glad to work with you to set goals and develop possible accommodations to various exercises.

The boot camp gurus at X-Fit Training are proud to present the very best in boot camp fitness. With a wide range of classes for all ages and ability levels, the friendly staff at X-Fit is excited to help you make your fitness dreams a reality.


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