What Should Kids Eat Before Taking a Sports or Fitness Class?

What Should Kids Eat Before Taking a Sports or Fitness Class?


Proper nutrition is a critical factor in maintaining your child’s health, and it’s even more vital for active children. Kids who participate in sports or fitness activities require proper nutrition to perform at their best and maintain happy healthy lives. Certain foods are better than others at providing your child with energy, and we can help educate you on your best options. Here’s our advice on what to feed your child to ensure they’ll have the energy for sports or fitness activities.




Carbohydrates act as the primary source of energy for our bodies. It’s essential to provide children with enough carbohydrates prior to a sports game or fitness class so that they have enough energy to perform at their best. Some good carbohydrate options are brown rice, whole-grain bread, crackers, or pasta. Kids should typically eat carbs about 3-4 hours before they begin their game or activity so that their bodies have enough time to digest the food.


If your child likes a snack during the day, provide them with another carb-filled option about an hour before they need to perform. You’ll want to choose something that digests quickly so that your child doesn’t feel too full. Fresh fruit is a good option due because it’s carbohydrate-heavy but light on the tummy. Avoid carbohydrate-filled snacks that contain processed sugar, as they may upset your child’s stomach and lead to a crash in energy.




Along with carbohydrates, protein is essential to maintaining your child’s energy level. Protein works to build and repair strong muscles in your child’s body. Some good protein-rich foods to feed your kids are beans, poultry, and lean meats. Nuts and dairy products can also be good options. Foods like yogurt or cheese are usually good options as they’re filled with protein and are “kid-approved.” Just be careful not to overload your child with protein, as too much of it may lead to calcium loss or dehydration.




It’s not food, but it’s just as (if not more) important. Proper hydration is essential for maintaining high energy levels. In fact, studies have shown that dehydration can lead to fatigue, which could significantly affect your child’s ability to perform. Encourage your child to stay hydrated throughout the day. The recommended daily intake of water for children is at least six to eight glasses a day. Try to encourage your child to drink water instead of sugary energy drinks for optimum hydration.


Every child’s body is different. The best thing you can do when it comes to your child’s health is to experiment with different meals, snacks, and food options to see what works best. Pay attention to how your child feels and what gives him or her the most energy before committing to a snack or meal routine. For more questions, feel free to call X-Fit Training.