Make a SMART Start to your 2018 Fitness Plan

The gym after New Year’s Day looks a lot like a fireworks stand on the Fourth of July, or the grocery store’s turkey isle just before Thanksgiving. At one point it seems like everyone is doing it, then a short period later it’s like a ghost town. Everyone has good intentions when they make fitness their New Year’s Resolution, but few stick with it. That’s why X-Fit Training is offering a five-point plan to help you make a SMART start to your 2018 fitness goals.


Whether you are a new member walking in out of the cold to get started, or an existing member looking to take your workout to the next level, you can get on – and stay on – the right track by using the SMART acronym to help reach your desired fitness level.


SMART 2018 Fitness Plan


Specific: Many make vague New Year’s resolutions to “get in shape” or “drop a few pounds” that are rarely achieved without a good road map and destination. Make specific goals that are long range so you don’t get discouraged on the road to nowhere.


Measurable: Goals should be something you can record and aim for each time you workout. Whether your goals are measured to decrease body fat, increase in muscle tone, or maintain your current condition, making them easily measurable allows you to monitor your progress.


Attainable: Ah, this is the big one for many in the instant gratification generation. Some hit it hard for a week, see few results, get frustrated and walk away. You want to push yourself, but you also want to set achievable goals to keep you going down a long-range path.


Realistic: Don’t set yourself up for the trap of trying to lose all the extra weight in a month or two goals take your attainable fitness goals and place them in the correct time frame. You are not starting out by trying to lose 30 pounds or run a marathon in two weeks. In two weeks, you may want to lose two pounds and run a half mile.


Time-Based: The best way to ensure a successful long-range fitness journey is to set smaller goals for every leg of the trip. Taking timed steps through each stage gives you a series of short-term goals to reach along the way, keeping you motivated and on course for the ultimate destination.


Each individual should develop their own personalized SMART game plan for reaching their fitness goals, and the experts at X-Fit Training can help you devise your plan and stick with it. Offering boot-camp style programs and other workouts, X Fit can help you develop an individualized workout regimen and motivate you to see it through to the end for a happier and healthier you in 2018.