5 Benefits of Working Out With A Friend

Struggling to stay motivated or can’t get into a routine? Studies have shown that working out with a friend can not only improve your workouts out but it can also help you commit to an overall healthier lifestyle over time creating last results.

Fitness doesn’t have to be an individual activity. In fact, there are many benefits to having a partner when working out. Below, find five reasons why you should consider bringing a friend along the next time you head to the gym.

Stay Motivated & Accountable

When your alarm clock rings an hour early so that you can hit the gym before work, you are less likely to hit snooze if you are meeting a friend for the workout. It is human nature to not want to let our friends down and having someone to keep you accountable for missed gym sessions is a great motivator to stay on schedule!

Work Harder

Not only does a partner make you more likely to show up, working out with a partner also improves your performance during cardio exercise, motivating you to work harder and for a longer period of time.


Learn & Try New Things

Friends can be great teachers! Whether they introduce you to a new technique or a new type of exercise, a workout partner can expand your fitness horizons. Having a partner can also can provide a sense of comfort when trying a new activity.

Save Money

Working out with a friend can save you money in a number of ways. First, partner personal training sessions or small group classes are often less expensive than one-on-one time with a fitness expert. You can also team up with a friend to take advantage of referral or BoGo promotions. Second, the cost of driving to a class outside of your immediate area can add up over time. Carpooling can help offset this cost. Lastly, many gym memberships and unlimited class packages are underutilized. When a friend keeps us accountable for our workouts, you are more likely to make the most of these signups.

Have More Options & Prevent Injury

You can’t play a game of one-on-one basketball, bench press with a spotter, or work on your core with a medicine ball pass, alone. Not only does having a second person around broaden your workout options to include partner games and exercises, but it can also lead to a safer workout. Having a friend to check your form and spot you is a smart way to prevent injury.