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X-Fit Training, based in El Cerrito, California is a fitness and sports training company offering personal and small group training programs, bootcamps, youth programs, and sports training clinics.  


Our Goal: Provide a fun and effective workout by seamlessly combining athletics, strength, speed, and flexibility for maximum results.


The X-Fit Difference: We hand pick innovative and experienced master trainers to design workouts for all ages and skill levels. Our fitness and sports training classes are held year-round, both indoor and outdoor and offered at various times throughout the day to fit even the busiest schedule. X-Fit Training is scaleable to each individual’s need and is designed to improve overall health and quality of life.

X-Fit Training East Bay, El Cerrito, California

Our Success Stories

I highly recommend Joe for personal training!  I have been working with Joe for 6 months, and I have seen great results.  Joe really knows what he is doing, and truly invests in my fitness goals, keeps it fun, and and is committed to the workout.  I have worked with other trainers in the bay area prior to this, and they just don’t compare.
Dave, 36, California
My 7 year old son did the X-Fit agility training with Joe and absolutely loved it. Joe kept the kids engaged and motivated.
Sarah, 34, California
Prior to meeting Joe, I had been working out for 10+ years at the gym, mostly just cardio routines – walking and light weights. My workouts with Joe introduced me to a whole new world of fitness. He motivates me to do more than I ever thought I could, which included my first 5k, and 10k run (Bay to Breakers). And these were great experiences. Because of that success, I am currently working towards my first 1/2 marathon – wish me luck! The benefits of having Joe as my trainer touch every aspect of my life; I have more energy; I’m stronger (can lift 50lbs without an issue now); stress on the job is diminished; and most of all, my self-body image has improved – I couldn’t of done it without Joe’s help.
Joyce, 40’s, Oakland
I tried all kinds of ways to get back my pre-kids body. Nothing worked. Me and my best friend started working with Joe 2months ago and I already lost more than 10lbs and 2inches off my waist. Me and my friend will be doing our first 5k together and I am loving my new body already and cant wait to see what I look like at the end of next year. I owe it all to Joe.
Aiko, 35, Richmond
I love to play basketball and have played it since my early years. I’ve only been working with Joe for about 1month, but his program has already helped me tremendously as Im no longer as tired after basketball games as I used to be. I also have a lot more energy throughout the day, and have noticed changes in how my clothes fit. I recommend working with Joe if you want something different than your typical gym workout. I also don’t dread going to workouts anymore.
Joel, 32, Hercules
I found this group after looking for a person trainer earlier this year.  I was tired of trying to kick my own behind in the gym and needed some new ideas and inspiration.  I found them on yelp and decided to check it out because of the awesome location and the early class times make it so I can knock out a workout and still make it to work.  
I have to say that my body feels better than ever after just a month of going 2 to 3 times per week.  I have lived with some chronic pain over my life and the combination of the workouts and warm-ups/stretching have really improved my flexibility and I have had zero pain even through some pretty vigorous workout sessions.  I am already noticing it in other areas of my life when I go hiking or play other sports.
Everyone in the class is awesome and of course Joe and Max are great and make it fun.  They pay attention and make sure everyone is comfortable and scaling to their own ability.  So glad I found it.
Chris, 32, California
I am so glad I discovered X-Fit Training. Joe, Kersten, and Becky are absolutely fantastic trainers — striking a perfect balance between kicking your butt and supporting you at your own pace. I’ve been going for over three months now and I’ve never had the same workout twice. I also enjoy the camaraderie of the other XFit participants. Everyone is committed to their workout but no one is taking themselves too seriously. Definitely no “meatheads” here. But don’t get the wrong idea — this is a REAL workout. And I actually look forward to getting up at 5:30am for it!
Brett, 28, California
X-Fit workouts are varied, fun, and structured so that every individual can rock it at their own fitness level. Joe and the other coaches are great motivators and knowledgable. This is a no judgement, no intimidation, bootcamp-style workout with a friendly group of people. Plus, you get to be outside in good weather AND there are a variety of class times (as a non-morning person, I thank you so much for offering evening classes!). For us it’s been a great way to start getting back into shape and to meet some folks in the community while doing something together. This is totally unlike a drab, boring treadmill routine in some stinky gym. Try it; you’ll like it!
Aislynn, 32, California
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