Keeping our team and our community safe is our #1 priority


1. Does X-Fit require their members to remain socially distant during class times? YES.

  • Pinole location outside- All participants are in their own 20ft. / 20ft. square box.
  • Pinole location inside- (When the county allows) all participants are spaced minimum 8ft. apart from each other.
  • El Cerrito location outside- all participants are in their own 10ft. /10ft. square box marked by cones.

2. What is the protocol for disinfecting X-Fit’s equipment?

  • X-Fit Training provides disinfecting product and hand sanitizer for the member base. The member base is required to disinfect any equipment they use both before & after class. This is the case for adult and child classes.

3. Do members share any equipment?

  • NO equipment will be shared once class starts.

4. What happens if outside class is cancelled due to bad weather conditions?

  • When a boot camp class is cancelled due to bad weather conditions, X-Fit Training will notify the enrolled members within one hour prior to the start of the class. Enrolled boot campers will not be charged for the cancelled class. X-Fit will also place a free live-stream class into each enrolled boot camper’s Mindbody profile to use within a week.
  • When a Spin, Muscle Mass, or Youth class is cancelled due to bad weather conditions, X-Fit Training will notify the enrolled members within one hour prior to the start of the class. Enrolled participants will not be charged for the cancelled class.

5. What is the Timing & Communication protocol IF/WHEN Covid-19 is known to be in X-Fit Training’s classes?

  • Protocols for the person who contracted Covid-19. NOTE: anyone who contracts Covid-19 WILL REMAIN ANONYMOUS.

    • i. X-Fit’s goal is to find out when the person (who contracted Covid-19) was exposed.
    • Mark the day of the contracted member/trainer. From that day, there is a minimum 14-day isolation from the gym until the member/trainer has a negative Covid-19 test.
    • Member- a ‘freeze’ will be placed on the membership. (X-Fit Training will follow- up every 3 days on condition and status).
    • Trainer- X-Fit Training will assign substitutes for classes for the next 2wks-4wks.

  • Protocols for notifying members, guests and staff if they were in the same class as a person that tested positive for Covid-19: Critical communication and activities will be done within 60-90 minutes.

    • X-Fit will check Mindbody for all classes that person exposed attended.
    • If necessary, examine video of class(es) attended, equipment used, etc. during exposure to Covid-19.
    • Cancel all class at location(s) where Covid-19 exposure occurred. Classes will be cancelled for 5-7days (NOTE: this is an estimate only. Will need to take into consideration that we must remain closed 3 days after equipment is sanitized). X-Fit will set up free Live-stream classes for boot camp during facility closure. 
    • Notify all members and staff (email and text) who participated in a class with the person that contracted Covid-19. Any personal training clients will also be notified.
    • All possible equipment exposed to Covid-19 will remain unavailable until sanitized +3 day idle period. (Schedule a team to sanitize within 48hours).

6. Are there any social gathering at facilities before and after class?

  • NOT permitted and highly discouraged.
  • Participants should not be on premises until 10 minutes prior to their class start time.

7. What happens to my membership if I get Covid-19?

  • Your membership will be frozen until you contact X-Fit Training upon your return. REMINDER: this should be a minimum of 14 days + a negative Covid-19 test.

8. What happens to my membership if I am sheltering in place because I was in contact with someone who contracted Covid-19?

  • a. Your membership will be frozen (minimum of 14 days) until you contact X-Fit Training.

9. What are your mask protocols?

  • All staff, members, and guests are required to wear masks before and after classes.
  • You may take masks off after you sanitize your equipment, and you are in your social distance box and class starts.
  • Any time you are out of your social distance box and/or another member, guests, or trainer is in your box, masks are required.

10. What are the protocols inside the gym?

  • When the county allows access in our gym, everyone will be required to take a temperature scan (touchless and via the forehead), record your name & temperature, and answer a series of questions. Touchless temp. gauges at the Pinole and El Cerrito locations.
  • Reminder: you must fill out the safety check-in sheet next to the temperature gauge.

11. What are the protocols for X-Fit Trainers regarding social distance and mask wear?

  • Trainers will stay in their social distance box.
  • Trainers are required to have mask on before and after class.
  • Trainers are required to use the provided disinfectant to clean their equipment before and after use (same as the members/guests)

12. Is there a limit of participants in the classes?

  • To maintain social distance during class, X-Fit Training has set limitations on the number of participants for each class.  The limit number of participants are labeled in our Mindbody portal when each person registers for a class.