Going to Group Cycle Class Just Got Easier

We offer online Group Cycle classes to clients in El Cerrito and Pinole, CA

Can't make it to an in-person Group Cycle class? Don't sweat it. X-Fit Training offers online Group Cycle classes so you can work out from home on your schedule.

Our virtual Group Cycle classes last 50 minutes and begin with a warmup from one of our skilled instructors. After the warmup, we'll alternate between high-intensity and low-intensity intervals.

Want more info about our classes? Call 510-289-4200 today to speak with an experienced fitness instructor. We work with clients from El Cerrito and Pinole, CA.

Stay active, stay healthy

Having to skip workouts isn't just frustrating - it can also affect your overall condition. Regular exercise has been shown to improve your:

Mental health: Exercise can help alleviate depression and anxiety.
Physical health: Keep your heart healthy with regular physical activity.
Social health: Our online Group Cycle classes are a great way to stay social.

Find out why savvy clients in Pinole and El Cerrito, CA work out with X-Fit Training. Book your spot in one of our virtual Group Cycle classes today.

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