Lil’ Ninja Warrior

Does your child want to be the next American Ninja Warrior?

X-Fit’s new Lil’ Ninja Warrior training is designed for all ages and athletic levels. This is a non-competitive program that helps your child develop gross motor skills, core strength, balance, and control of their body in an athletic atmosphere. Your Lil’ Ninjas will be getting fit while problem solving and overcoming obstacle courses.

Lil' ninja warrior

Lil’ Ninja Warrior Training available to the following age groups:
  •  5-11 years X-Fit Jr.
  • 12-17 years X-Fit Sr.

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Lil’ Ninja Warrior Training

Castro Clubhouse

1420 Norvell Street, El Cerrito, California

Classes Offered Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 4:30


$20 Each Session

Monthly Rates:

4 Training Sessions – $60/month

8 Training Sessions – $99/month

Become a Ninja Warrior!

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