Derrick Virassammy

Derrick, an ACE Certified personal trainer, is a local to the East Bay and graduate of UC Davis.
He comes from a basketball background with experience at the collegiate and professional levels. Following injuries sustained during his playing career, he became interested in the athletic training field, and was determined to find safe, efficient, yet challenging ways to train.
Derrick's workouts tend to have an athletic focus, whether they are fun agility drills, unique core exercises, or other functional and injury prevention styles of training. He enjoys designing creative and fun workouts and workout games, while helping people maintain a healthy lifestyle.
In addition to bootcamps at X-fit, Derrick is also a basketball skill development trainer, and works with various athletes of different sports, helping them develop overall athletic performance.


As a martial artist Dominique's fitness journey started off like many young combat athletes. During a 6 year service in the United states Marine Corps Dominique utilized his competitive edge to gain knowledge of nutrition & functional fitness. This new information improved the performance of his squad, other marines in his unit, & ultimately himself. Upon leaving the Marine Corps Dominique jump started his career in teaching and competing in kickboxing by working with all walks of life. Dominique loves to compete in Muay thai, coach other athletes, swallow pizza & spend quality time with his wife & family.

Dominique currently is certified by ISSA and studying to obtain a CS degree.


Javier's philosophy is hard work, respect, discipline, and perseverance. His background is in martial arts and he earned his black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Javier enjoys working with the Lil Ninja's kids as they remind him of himself, always striving to be better. His goal is to help the kids reach their potential and drive within the program. Javier wants them to learn and refine their skills taught in the courses so they can further themselves both in the present and in the future.

Joe Ruiz

Joe Ruiz is the Bay Area's premiere personal trainer. With more than 16 years of experience, a degree in Kinesiology from Cal State East Bay, and certifications in NASM, ACE, and IFPA, he has helped hundreds of clients reach their fitness goals. With his innovative approach to health and fitness, his workouts are fun and challenging. Joe works with both individuals and groups throughout the Bay Area. He specializes in helping his clients maximize their full potential within their fitness abilities.

Joe started his fitness venture at 24hour Fitness. Thanks to a solid career in helping clients achieve fast results and rising to a leader in the industry, he quickly ascended into one of the top trainers in the company. Professionally recognized on numerous occasions for superior performance, Joe has been ranked as one of the Top Personal Trainers in the nation.

Joe enjoys helping his clients look, live, and feel better. He says one of the keys to success is motivating people into "DOING more and WATCHING less".

As a skilled trainer and fitness specialist, Joe devotes his time to creating a tailored exercise and nutrition plan that guarantees results for each of his clients.

Lance Moore

I am a personal trainer because I love the art of boxing and the physical conditioning that it demands. I got into boxing in my youth to increase my physical fitness. This experience sparked something in me. The more I went, the more I liked it. I want everyone I teach to get a solid workout while having fun.
I have been training boxing and HIIT classes for eleven years. I train at X-Fit because I love the gym and the people here. The gym's philosophies and values resonate with me. I'm always excited to see who comes in next. People who take my classes should expect fun, excitement and hard work. Most importantly they will see positive results.

Sandy Ford

Sandi Ford, MS, Personal Trainer, Clinical Herbalist & Health and Nutrition Coach has been in love with herbal medicine, nutrition, fitness, and healthy living for over twenty years. She received her Master's in Holistic Health and Nutrition Education Winter of 2013 and is NASM and TRX certified trainer. Having overcome a major health crisis herself, Sandi loves to help people get strong in mind and body, boost energy levels, reduce stress, and get fit while having fun. She has a passion for building core strength, pilates and all forms of dance. A competitive sailor, most weekends you'll find her with her team out on the bay.
Sandi's journey with nutrition started out as a personal one, but soon led her to realize her love for helping others transform their relationship to food and health. She believes that feeling great physically, having energy for the things we enjoy, and aging gracefully is the true state our bodies are designed for. Sandi approaches nutrition from a whole foods perspective, combining herbs and lifestyle changes. She helps you discover what foods are right for you without sacrificing flavor, fun, or feeling deprived. Providing you with the right system, the right support, and the right accountability unique to you, so you are bound to succeed.

Zakiyyah Roberson

I have been in the fitness industry for 14 years and it has been quite the journey. I was once 50lbs overweight and one day decided to take control of my health. One day I attended a group fitness class at a nearby studio and fell in love. What I love about the fitness industry is learning from members and my peers and being able to identify with individuals who are struggling with weight loss. In my free time I enjoy outdoor cycling. Those who take my class can expect a challenging class that offers modifications if needed in order to feel successful. Certifications and training: TRX, Kettlebell Clean Variations, Indoor Cycling, Senior Fitness, ISSA-Personal trainer, Nutrition and Strength/Conditioning.

Ahdam Brown

My name is Ahdam Brown, I have been a cycle instructor for 4+ years. I love teaching a class that is fun and gives a strong workout. People say that my class is challenging, but they enjoy it and have a good time! If you want a good workout and have fun doing it you should join my group cycle class

Avory Evans

I have been in the boxing industry for 7 years. I love to teach boxing because it gives me an opportunity to connect with people and help them make their fitness goals. Boxing has always been a great passion of mine and I enjoy sharing it with others. I currently am active in basketball and still train in boxing. My students will say that I make the class enjoyable while also pushing each to reach their full potential.

Mara Stonefield

Mara's bootcamp classes are high energy, challenging and a blast of fun. She incorporates strength, mobility, balance, agility, and tons of conditioning. Every class is different from the pumping music to the array of fitness toys. Mara is a hands-on trainer who encourages you to reach your goals, maybe even some you didn't even know you had. You'll finish her class feeling accomplished and ready for the day whether that's giving you strength for a physically demanding job or feeling loose during desk work.

Mara draws on her six plus years teaching people how to efficiently stand-up paddleboard in the varied conditions of the San Francisco Bay to her bootcamp lessons. She knows that to learn new skills, it's not just about teaching the body but the mental breakthroughs to achieve your goals.

Lexi Gonzalez

Lexy has been a trainer for 5 years! Starting as a graduate assistant that developed a strength and conditioning program for a women's soccer team. Since then she developed programs for elite soccer clubs all over the bay area. She loves how she can connect with people and push them to their limits. "I would consider myself an athlete- I have played volleyball, softball and soccer most of my life. I love to play all sports! I regularly play soccer 3-4x a week. I lift 2-3 days and do hiit 2 days!! I also love taking my standard poodle Luna on walks." Lexy played collegiate soccer and earned her masters by becoming a graduate assistant. She plans to tie all her education and experience coaching/playing to making her classes fun and exciting! Lexy will be one of our early morning instructors at our Pinole location starting in September. She will also be one of our Athletic Training coaches.

Leon Brown

Leon has been training and working out for 10+ years. He loves to coach both adults and kids because it gives him a chance to educate people of all ages about their fitness and really help them feel better about themselves. Leon is a two time National Boxing Champion of California and a one time Regional boxing champion. His students would say he is a very structured individual and has tough sessions but he makes it fun and enjoyable for all. Take Leon's class if you want to become the best version of yourself. Leon will be teaching Youth boxing, Adult boxing and conditioning, as well as HIIT classes.