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The New Year is the PERFECT time to start on your fitness goals!

Our Elite Training Program is available to all of our X-Fit members to help guide you on shedding those pounds and feeling the best you have ever felt! Not only do we help you find a weightloss program in Pinole and El Cerrito CA, we focus on building you up to help you feel confident going into this new year with your new goals! Contact us today to get started on your journey! We will help you every step of the way to maximize weight loss, and crush your New Year resolution.

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Build the skills you need to create a foundation of fitness.

Our goal is to help you continue living a healthy life. Get the best personal training in the East Bay area, from professionals who care.

You are not in this fitness journey alone. At X-Fit Training, we care about you and your goals, and want to help you reach them. Whether you are after weight loss, increasing athletic ability, need re-motivation, or a kick in the pants to get that high school body back, we have a proven equation to assisting you in being successful.

At X-Fit Training, you don't get one personal trainer, you get a network of fitness professionals to help you reach your goals.

Through our consultation process, we get to know more about you and what you are trying to achieve. Then, we match you with trainers that fit your needs, and can help you throughout your journey in the best way possible. We will also match you with a nutritionist, who will help you improve your relationship with food, and help you with the food intake portion of your journey.

Levels of Personal Training

Kick start program

6 weeks / Half a cycle.

  • Lose 5-15 lbs
  • Includes Menu Planning
  • Begin to look & feel noticeably better & notice muscle tone
  • Designed for someone who needs a different routine
  • Get comfortable, confident, and hold yourself accountable to your health
  • Includes Menu Planning
  • Learn your THR and your range of motion is greater
  • Reduce stress, sleep better
  • Someone who has a special sport event coming up in less than a month
  • Learn proper technique to prevent injury
  • Start to have greater flexibility and range of motion
  • Overcome a specific plateau

Habit Design Program

12 weeks / Full Cycle

  • Lose 15-30 lbs.
  • Add 5+ lbs. of muscle tone
  • Body will experience a 2 size difference
  • Workouts become routine
  • Learn how exercise can reduce the risk of breast cancer and colon cancer
  • Dramatically improve your energy levels
  • Notice great improvement in Diabetes
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol levels improve drastically
  • Master all fundamental movements, moderate plyometrics, as well as functional core strength development
  • Faster speed, agility, & quickness (Take .2sec off your 40)
  • Muscle Hypertrophy, stength, and power are generated
  • Master combine tests

Lifestyle Change Program

18 weeks / 1 1/2 Cycles

  • Lose 30+ lbs.
  • Complete reshape of your body
  • Able to manipulate own workout program
  • Workouts become priority
  • Able to teach how exercise can reduce the risk of breast cancer and colon cancer
  • Prevented Osteoporosis
  • Extreme beneficial effects on arthritis & lower back pains
  • Increased years in your life & life in your years
  • Complete phase training to generate biggest, strongest, fastest, and most explosively powerful athlete
  • Master your speed, agility, & quickness in your new body
  • Develop muscle memory
  • Lifelong results

Stop chasing your results and let them come to you!

When you work with X-Fit Training for your personal training, you're getting a personalized fitness suited to your individual needs.

Let us help you find the ways to make your life better and make you happier in your own skin.

We use our proven equation to achieve your goals:

Personal training in the East Bay area at various locations, (ie. local parks & homes). Will work with individual needs & timelines.

We help you focus on food intake and your relationship with food by matching you up with a nutritionist.

Using the three-pronged approach of cardio & exercise, nutrition, & resistance training, we help you meet your fitness & health goals.