Youth Athletic Training and Youth Boxing in El Cerrito and Pinole, CA

Train Like An Athlete

From youth to professional athletes, X-Fit Training offers the very best sports training clinic in Pinole, CA. All programs are specifically tailored to each individual's competition level and end goal to ensure optimal results the highest level of performance possible. X-Fit focuses equally on entry level to highly competitive athletic training. All sports training clinics are designed to help youth get into peak physical shape for any sport or just simply for improved personal health.

For the less competitive athletes, X-Fit Training also offers a youth year-round and summer camp as part of their sports training clinic to help improve overall athletic ability and coordination.

X-Fit's Youth Boxing classes teach basic boxing skills and techniques. Class includes cardio calisthenics, shadow boxing, bag work and basic self-defense. Participants will work with the bags and learn stance, guard, movement, the jab, cross, hook combination and more. Youth boxing at XFit Training also provides kids the tools necessary to excel at other sports and promotes personal health and wellness.