Come enjoy our outdoor classes. All participants will be in their own 20ft./20ft. square using non-shared equipment. Space is limited, so you must reserve your spot on our user friendly MindBody Platform (Link to schedule).

Outdoor HIIT Boot Camps- You will receive a High Intensity Interval Training class designed to benefit everyone from the beginner to the seasoned athlete. Bringing together elements of athletic conditioning, strength training, core and functional training, body weight exercises, stretching, and plyometric training, the X-Fit Boot Camp program is scalable to individual needs and is designed to improve your quality of life.

Muscle Mass Boot Camp- This outdoor class is designed to give you power and strength helping you to maximize your true fitness potential. Members will read from the white board and will concentrate on different muscle groups each day.

Outdoor Spin - Come enjoy a nice bike ride outdoors in our new class "Outdoor Spin". Class is designed for all fitness levels. Come groove to the music and reap the benefits of keeping your body in motion. Our coaches will get your heart rate racing while mocking real outdoor terrain such as climbing hills, sprinting down hills and hill jumps, but most importantly having a good time.

X-Fit Boot Camp is an inspiring (and exhausting!) group fitness workout designed to benefit everyone from a beginner to a seasoned athlete.

Below are our Boot Camp times and locations. At X-Fit Training, we are dedicated to helping you build yourself up to achieve all of your fitness goals. Our X-Fit Boot Camps will push you, get you into shape, and help you excel as an athlete.

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