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Joe Ruiz

Joe HeadshotJoe Ruiz is the Bay Area’s premiere personal trainer. With more than 16 years of experience, a degree in Kinesiology from Cal State East Bay, and certifications in NASM, ACE, and IFPA, he has helped hundreds of clients reach their fitness goals. With his innovative approach to health and fitness, his workouts are fun and challenging. Joe works with both individuals and groups throughout the Bay Area. He specializes in helping his clients maximize their full potential within their fitness abilities.

Joe started his fitness venture at 24hour Fitness. Thanks to a solid career in helping clients achieve fast results and rising to a leader in the industry, he quickly ascended into one of the top trainers in the company. Professionally recognized on numerous occasions for superior performance, Joe has been ranked as one of the Top Personal Trainers in the nation.

Joe enjoys helping his clients look, live, and feel better. He says one of the keys to success is motivating people into “DOING more and WATCHING less”.

As a skilled trainer and fitness specialist, Joe devotes his time to creating a tailored exercise and nutrition plan that guarantees results for each of his clients.

Max Drake

Max Head shotMax is a Master Trainer with over 12 years experience in the Fitness industry. Max began his Personal Training career with 24Hr Fitness in San Pablo Ca. in 2000. There his passion for helping others achieve extraordinary results was quickly recognized and rewarded. In 2002 he was named the #1 Personal Trainer in the Company. Inspiring those around him and continuing to grow he began overseeing and managing the Training staff of various 24Hr Fitness Health Clubs in the Bay Area.

He is always eager to further his knowledge and stay on the cutting edge of Health and Fitness with multiple certifications from NASM, ISSA, and ACE. Max is a Division 1 Athlete, Registered Nurse, Baseball Coach and awesome Father of 4. Now as a Master Trainer, he has earned a reputation for creating the most Dynamic and Challenging Fitness programs in the Bay Area.

Kiki Drake

Kiki headshotFor the past 5 years, Kiki Drake has accomplished mastering the art of the fitness industry. Kiki was inspired to perform fitness training after losing 60lbs of bodyweight and no longer suffering from medical issues that accompanied her for years. She puts her heart and soul into her training to make a difference and to help others achieve their fitness goals. Her main goal in training is to teach others these exercise skills and strategies so they can experience the benefits that comes with a healthier, more fit lifestyle.

Becky Hines

Becky HeadshotBecky comes to us from Utah. She is Crossfit L1 certifield, a Crossfit Srongman, NASM certified, GYM Jones L1 certified, was on the USA Speedskating world cup team, and Track Cycling National Medalist. Her philosophy is 1. To help with Mental Grit so you are not afraid of your fitness potential, 2.Creative Integration to help you with your new found physical health, and 3. Brutal Honesty, not to be cruel but she cares about you succeeding towards your fitness goals.

Kersten Kimura

Kersten picKersten moved to El Cerrito from Estonia. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and has a background in track and field. After college she started long distance running and has also practiced CrossFit.

Kersten’s workouts are mostly a good mix of High Intensity Training and Strength and Conditioning work.
She loves anything and everything outdoors and takes her workouts outside whenever possible.

Derrick Virassammy

Derrick head shotDerrick is local to the East Bay. Attended Albany High, Diablo Valley College, and UC Davis. At UC Davis Derrick was a member of the Club Basketball Team, on which he was the starting point guard. Following his playing career, he was the head coach of the UC Davis Men’s Club Basketball team .He currently trains sports camps for children in the summer,  coaches AAU basketball (50 All-Stars), and a personal basketball skills trainer. His fitness workouts tend to focus on core strength, speed and agility and enjoys helping others achieve their fitness goals. 

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