Gain Muscle With Our Virtual Weight Training Class

Get fit from your home in Pinole or El Cerrito, CA.

At X-Fit Training, we know you have a busy schedule. Between family time and work, there's rarely an opportunity to get to the gym. Thankfully, we can help. We offer virtual weight training classes to make your workouts easier to attend.

We incorporate dumbbells and kettlebells and typically follow a high-intensity training principle. Find out why clients in El Cerrito and Pinole, CA love our online weight training classes. Book your spot in one of our classes today.

Sweat it out with a high-intensity training class

Are you new to high-intensity training? HIIT workouts involve short periods of intense exercises alternated with recovery periods. Many people choose HIIT workout programs because:

They burn more calories than traditional exercise regimens
They can increase your metabolic rate for hours after your workout
They can help burn fat and build muscle mass

Prefer to work out with a group? X-Fit Training offers virtual weight training group classes to clients in Pinole and El Cerrito, CA. Book your spot in one of our online weight training classes today.

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